RADIAN is a whole new world
(a new fantas.. )
for front-end developers!

When we needed RADIAN, it wasn’t there. So we built it. We rethought developing dAPPS from the ground up: how we create them, how we use them, and how we market them. RADIAN is answering years of frustrations about how hard it is to bring ideas to Web3, easily and in style.

Christian Reber

Founder & CEO

Charlette Prevot

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Jan Martin

Co-Founder & Designer

Eric Labod

Co-Founder & QA Engineer

Marvin Labod

Co-Founder & Software Engineer

Adam Renklint

Co-Founder & CTO

Vanessa Stock

Co-Founder & Head of HR

Misha Karpenko

Co-Founder & Software Engineer

We’re a group of people who love collaborating to create well-crafted, delightful products. For us, the best part of building a company is taking an idea that everyone believes in and working together to turn that into a reality. That's why we're excited about Pitch: We're creating a product that helps people work better together.

Our Investors

Joshua Kushner
Founder of Thrive Capital
Neil Rimer
Founder of Index Ventures
Ciarán O'Leary
Founder of BlueYard
Slack Fund
Eric Yuan
Founder of Zoom
Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger
Founders of Instagram
Rahul Vohra
Founder of Superhuman
Andrew Wilkinson
Founder of MetaLab
Koen Bok
Founder of Framer
Olivier Pomel
Founder of Datadog
Simon Willnauer
Founder of Elastic
Frank Thelen
Founder of Freigeist Capital


Build Web3 dApps, compatible with Social Graph and governance functionalities

Good For:
• Projects Founders
• Ecosystem, Platforms, Products
• Larger Scale Businesses

Coming Soon

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